Artificial Organs Introduction

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What is the primary function of artificial organs?

To provide functions similar to natural organs

What is the term used to describe the malfunction of kidneys?

Kidney failure

How does the hemodialysis machine work?

By removing chemical substances from the blood based on concentration differences

What is the purpose of the peritoneal cavity in peritoneal dialysis?

To instill a solution of glucose and electrolyte for waste removal

What is a common limitation of kidney transplantation?

Long waiting period and blood group must match

What is the purpose of the semi-permeable membrane in the hemodialysis machine?

To separate the toxins from the blood

What is monitored through measuring the electrical conductivity of the dialysate solution?

Concentration of dialysate

What is the function of the peristaltic pump in the hemodialysis machine?

To pump the blood through the dialyzer coil

What is used to detect blood to dialysate leaks in the hemodialysis machine?

Photoelectric transducers

What is typically used in most open-heart surgeries?

Membrane oxygenators

Learn about artificial organs, devices that mimic natural organs, including artificial kidneys, lungs, and limbs, restoring natural functions.

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