Aristotle's Views on Politics and Democracy

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According to Aristotle, a human being is considered a political animal because

he is naturally inclined to participate in politics

In Aristotle's time, the state he knew was

a city-state like Athens or Sparta

In ancient Greece, ceremonies involving the Gods were considered

civic ceremonies

Today, most human beings live in


The Olympics, which started in ancient Greece, were originally

political activities

According to Aristotle, why is a human being considered a political animal?

Because a human being is naturally inclined to live in a city-state

What were ceremonies involving the Gods considered in ancient Greece?

Civic ceremonies

What were the Olympics originally in ancient Greece?

Political activities

What is the difference between the state Aristotle knew and the nation-states of today?

The state Aristotle knew was smaller in size and population than the nation-states of today

Which of the following is an example of a nation-state?


Test your knowledge on politics, democracy, and your role as a citizen with this quiz inspired by Aristotle's views. Explore the concepts of state, governance, and civic participation while reflecting on the relevance of these ideas in today's society. Challenge yourself and discover how well you understand the intricate relationship between politics, yourself, and democracy.

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