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According to Socrates, what did he suggest as a key principle?

Know Thyself

What did Socrates believe about human life after death?

Every human possesses an immortal soul

What did Socrates consider as the soul's tool to achieve an exalted state of life?


Which ancient Greek philosopher heavily explored the philosophical framework for understanding the self?


What does the self strive for according to Socrates?

Wisdom and perfection

According to ancient Greek philosophy, what is the nature of the self?

Immutable and eternal

According to Aristotle, which kind of soul allows things to grow?


What did St. Augustine believe is the essence of the human person?

The soul

How did St. Augustine view the relationship between the physical body and the soul?

They are united for completeness

What did Aristotle suggest is the rational nature of the self?

Leading a fulfilling life

According to St. Augustine, how is self-knowledge attained?

By knowing God

What did St. Augustine believe about human creation in relation to God?

Humans are created in God's image and likeness

According to Aquinas, what is the key to achieving happiness?

Living a life of virtue

What did Descartes believe about the relationship between the soul and the body?

The soul and body are independent and can exist without each other

How did Locke propose personal identity is primarily constructed?

Based on sensory experiences

What did Aquinas believe about the nature of man?

Man is rational and has the capacity to know and love God

In Descartes' view, what is the essence of the self?

A thinking entity that doubts, understands, and reasons

What did Locke propose as the primary source of personal identity construction?

Sensory experiences such as what we see, hear, smell, taste, and feel

According to David Hume, what is the nature of the self?

Just a bundle of different perceptions, sensations, and thoughts

According to Immanuel Kant, how does the self relate to experiencing an intelligible world?

The self transcends sense experience through rationality

How does Paul Churchland define the nature of the self?

The physical brain

What role does consciousness play in John Locke's view of personal identity?

Being what makes possible our belief in the same identity in different situations

In Gilbert Ryle's perspective, how is the self defined?

As the way we do things

What is the central idea behind David Hume's view on personal identity?

There is no fixed self, only a bundle of perceptions and sensations

What does the Socratic method involve?

Carefully examining our thoughts and emotions for self knowledge

In Plato's view, when there is conflict among the three elements of ourselves, who does he believe should exert control?


What according to Socrates, is the key to attaining wisdom and a happy life?

Virtue and self-knowledge through soul-searching

Which soul element is responsible for basic emotions like love, anger, and empathy?

Spirited/passion soul

Aristotle views the body and soul as:

One unified entity

What is considered the most important aspect according to Plato?


Test your knowledge on Aristotle's theories about the soul, including the idea that the soul is the essence of the self and the classification of three kinds of soul: vegetative, sentient, and rational.

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