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What is the purpose of using restriction enzymes (REs) in genetic engineering?

To cut and splice DNA fragments

What are recombinant DNA (rDNA)?

DNA molecules from different sources joined together

What is the function of DNA ligase enzyme in genetic engineering?

To join DNA fragments together

What is the process of using REs to drive genetic engineering?

Join a plasmid and a gene fragment from different sources using DNA ligase

What is the difference between using REs to generate maps of DNA sequences and using next-gen technologies to sequence entire genomes?

REs can only generate maps of DNA sequences, while next-gen technologies can sequence entire genomes

What are sticky ends on DNA fragments?

The ends of DNA fragments that are cut by REs

"Get Quizzical: Test Your Knowledge on Restriction Enzymes and Recombinant DNA Technology" - Do you know how restriction enzymes are used in genetic engineering? Can you distinguish between DNA maps and whole-genome sequencing? Take this quiz to challenge your understanding of restriction enzymes and recombinant DNA technology. From gene fragments to recombined DNA molecules, this quiz will test your knowledge on the latest advancements in DNA manipulation.

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