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What are some architectural styles from the 17th century?

Baroque style, Century style furniture, English style

What are some architectural styles from the 18th century?

Rococo style, neo classical style, empire style

What are some architectural styles from the 19th century?

Art Nouveau style, Italianate Style

Study Notes

17th Century Architectural Styles

  • Baroque Architecture: emerged in Italy, characterized by dramatic lighting, intense emotions, and dynamic movement, famous examples include St. Peter's Basilica in Rome and Palace of Versailles in France
  • Caravaggisti Architecture: influenced by the works of Caravaggio, emphasized dramatic lighting and intense emotions, popular in Italy and the Netherlands
  • Dutch Golden Age Architecture: flourished in the Netherlands, characterized by ornate and grandiose designs, notable examples include the Amsterdam City Hall and the Royal Palace of Amsterdam

18th Century Architectural Styles

  • Rococo Architecture: originated in France, known for its ornate and delicate decorations, often featured shell-shaped and foliage motifs, famous examples include the Palace of Versailles and the Catherine Palace in Russia
  • Neoclassical Architecture: emerged in Europe, sought to revive the classical styles of ancient Greece and Rome, characterized by simplicity, symmetry, and grandiosity, notable examples include the White House in the United States and the Brandenburg Gate in Germany
  • Palladian Architecture: developed in England, influenced by the works of Andrea Palladio, emphasized symmetry, proportion, and classical elements, famous examples include Chiswick House and Buckingham Palace

19th Century Architectural Styles

  • Industrial Architecture: emerged during the Industrial Revolution, characterized by the use of new materials like iron and glass, notable examples include the Crystal Palace in London and the Gare du Nord in Paris
  • Victorian Architecture: popular in the United Kingdom, named after Queen Victoria, featured a mix of Gothic, Italianate, and Second Empire styles, famous examples include the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace
  • Art Nouveau Architecture: developed in Europe and North America, characterized by sinuous and organic lines, often featured flowing curves and ornate decorations, notable examples include the Casa Batlló in Spain and the W.H. Bradley & Co. Building in the United States

Test your knowledge of architectural styles throughout history with this quiz. From Baroque and Rococo to Art Nouveau and Modernism, explore the evolution of architectural design from the 17th to the 20th century.

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