Architectural Concerns: Module 6

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What is the primary consideration in horizontal disposition?

Function of the building and unit size and shape

What is the second principle related to function in functional grouping and zoning?

Relatedness of departments, goals and systems

What aspect of human behavior must an architect determine before designing a space?

User activities and conditions

What is the term for the arrangement of objects in space?

Spatial aspect

What type of space is created by humans to express the structure of their world?

Expressive or artistic space

How many categories of concern does an architect use as a checklist during the design process?


What is the primary concern of builders, architects, and planners?

Aesthetic Space concept

What is the focus of Physical Space?

Users' physical needs

What is the basis of designing Physical Space?

Anthropometrics and ergonomics

What is the purpose of Architectural Space?

To concretize man's existential space

What is the significance of hearing in designing spaces?

To minimize noise and create a sense of space

What is the current state of architectural design?

Free to innovate and explore new ideas

What is the primary concern of the architect in planning based on the needs of the people?

Fundamental principles of planning

Which of the following is a principle of space organization concerned with the use of space?

Utility to the occupants

What does design from spatial composition involve?

Planning directly with three-dimensional volumes

What is a characteristic of a 'space within a space'?

The contained space depends on the larger space for its relationship to exterior spaces

How can focus be directed to the contained space in a 'space within a space'?

By orienting the contained space in a different manner

What is the result of creating a secondary grid within a larger space?

A dynamic and residual space

What is implied by the difference in form between the enveloping space and the contained space?

A functional difference between the two spaces or a symbolic importance for the contained space

What is the characteristic of interlocking spaces?

Their fields overlap to form a zone of shared space

What is the characteristic of adjacent spaces?

They are clearly defined and responsive to functional or symbolic requirements

How are spaces linked by a common space?

Through a third intermediate space that interlocks them

What is the characteristic of centralized spatial organization?

It consists of a central dominant space around which secondary spaces are grouped

What is the characteristic of radial spatial organization?

It consists of a central space from which linear organizations extend in a radial manner

What determines the degree of spatial and visual continuity between an elevated space and its surroundings?

The scale of the level of change

What is the purpose of a depressed base plane in a horizontal plane?

To define a volume of space

What happens when the depression depth is increased in a depressed base plane?

The visual relationship with the surrounding space is weakened and the definition of the distinct volume of space is strengthened

What is the result of creating a stepped, terraced, or ramped transition from one level to the next?

Promoting continuity between the sunken space and the surrounding area

What is an example of a depressed base plane?

A sunken courtyard

What is the characteristic of an introverted space?

It is lowered and protective

Test your knowledge of architectural concerns, including functional grouping and zoning, space geometry, and building enclosure systems. Assess your understanding of horizontal disposition, site and climate, and socio-cultural variables in design.

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