Applied Ethics: Terms for Ethical Judgments

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What is the ethical term used to describe actions that are seen as going 'above and beyond the call of duty'?


Which of the following is NOT a category discussed in the text regarding ethical actions?


In the context of the text, which term best describes actions that are neither wrong to do nor ethically necessary to do?


What distinguishes supererogatory actions from obligatory actions?

Supererogatory actions are morally required.

If someone helps another person without being ethically obligated to do so, their action is considered:


What does it mean when something is described as ethically 'obligatory'?

It is wrong not to do it.

Which term describes an action that is both wrong to do and right not to do?

Ethically impermissible

When is it easiest to determine if an action is ethically obligatory?

When looking at what it would mean NOT to perform the action.

Which term describes actions that are neither right nor wrong from an ethical perspective?

Ethically neutral

Why would parents be considered ethically 'obligated' to care for their children?

Because it is right for them to do it and wrong not to do it.

Explore important terms used in applied ethics for making moral judgments about specific actions. Learn about the concept of ethical obligations and how they guide decision-making in private or public life.

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