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What is the recommended approach to reducing anxiety quickly for a client with severe to panic levels of anxiety?

Administer antianxiety medications

Why is it important to stay with the client during a severe anxiety episode?

To assess for impending destructive behavior

What is one strategy to help a client identify the thoughts and feelings that occurred before the onset of anxiety?

Talking about the thoughts and feelings

Which intervention is aimed at minimizing external distractions for a client experiencing anxiety?

Minimizing environmental stimuli

What is the purpose of encouraging relaxation techniques in a client experiencing anxiety?

To help the client relax and manage anxiety

Study Notes

Anxiety Interventions

  • Protect the client and attend to any physical needs to ensure their immediate safety and well-being.
  • Prioritize reducing anxiety quickly, especially if the client's anxiety level is severe or panic-like.
  • Establish a calming presence by staying with the client and minimizing environmental stimuli that may exacerbate anxiety.
  • Help the client identify and process the thoughts and feelings that triggered their anxiety, promoting emotional awareness and expression.
  • Monitor the client for signs of impending destructive behavior and intervene promptly to prevent harm.
  • Support the client in utilizing appropriate and safe coping mechanisms to manage anxiety.
  • Encourage relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing or meditation, to help calm the client.
  • Fostering problem-solving skills to empower the client to tackle anxiety-provoking situations effectively.
  • Encourage gross motor exercise, which can help reduce anxiety by releasing tension and improving mood.
  • Administer antianxiety medications as prescribed by a healthcare professional to complement non-pharmacological interventions.

Test your knowledge on how to protect and support clients experiencing anxiety. Learn about quick ways to reduce anxiety levels, minimize environmental triggers, and encourage the use of coping mechanisms and relaxation techniques.

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