Antimicrobial Drugs Mechanisms Quiz

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What is the historical significance of 1928 in the development of Beta-lactam antibiotics?

Alexander Fleming observed the antibacterial effects of Penicillin

Which drug is categorized under 'Drugs that affect the bacterial cell wall'?


What is the mechanism of action of Bacitracin?

Inhibit cell wall synthesis

Which drugs are used for the treatment of mycobacterial infections?

Isoniazid, ethinamide, ethambutol, cycloserine

What is the significance of the observation of a clear zone around the fungal colony?

Zone of inhibition due to the diffusion of a substance with antibiotic properties from the fungus

Test your knowledge of antimicrobial drugs with this quiz on the mechanisms of action of antibacterial drugs. Explore topics such as inhibition of cell wall synthesis, injury to plasma membrane, nucleic acid synthesis, protein synthesis, and synthesis of essential metabolites. Learn about the historical aspect of beta-lactam antibiotics and the observations of Alexander Fleming.

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