Ancient Egypt

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What were some of the food items that the ancient Egyptians loved?

They loved garlic, onions, green vegetables, lentils, fish, eggs, cheese, butter, and a fruit juice made from dates.

What were some of the hygiene practices of the ancient Egyptians?

They could have more than a bath a day, used a kind of soap and oils, bathed in the River Nile, and were the first in history to invent toothpaste.

What did both men and women in Ancient Egypt put on their eyes?

They put black make-up on their eyes.

What were the important values in family life for the ancient Egyptians?

Respecting and helping parents, grandparents, and neighbors, and teaching children to be kind and honest.

What was the significance of the River Nile for the ancient Egyptians?

It provided plenty of food and was used for bathing.

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