Analogue and Digital Data in Computers part 1

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Which number system do computers understand?


What is the term for data that changes smoothly from one value to the next?

Analog data

Why is digital data often referred to as 'digital'?

Because it can only have discrete values

In which number system does analogue data exist naturally?

Analog data does not exist in number systems

What term describes data that can only have discrete, discontinuous values?

Binary data

What hardware component is responsible for converting analogue data into digital data?

Analogue to Digital Converter (ADC)

Which type of data allows an infinite number of values between specified points?

Analogue data

What is the purpose of a Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC) in a computer system?

Convert digital data into analogue form

In the context of computer systems, what does the term 'secondary storage' refer to?

Long-term storage like hard drives

What are the main components of a typical computer system?

Hardware and software

Learn about the differences between analogue and digital data, and how computers interpret binary data. Understand the concepts of continuous analogue data and discrete digital data.

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