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What is one of the functions delegated to the Alberta Insurance Council (AIC)?

Receiving applications for Certificates of Authority

What is the AIC permitted to do in accordance with the Insurance Act (2000)?

Collect fees and levies payable by insurers, insurance agents, and adjusters

What does the AIC maintain as per the Insurance Act?

Register of the Insurance Act

What type of complaints does the AIC investigate on behalf of councils?

Complaints regarding alleged contraventions of the Insurance Act or regulations by holders or former holders of Certificates of Authority

What administrative function is the AIC authorized to arrange or perform?

Performing administrative functions necessary for enabling councils to perform delegated powers, duties, and functions

Test your knowledge about the powers, duties, and functions of the Alberta Insurance Council as delegated by the Minister of Treasury Board and Finance. Explore the roles related to receiving applications for Certificates of Authority, collecting fees and levies, and acting in accordance with the Insurance Act (2000) and associated Regulations.

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