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Aircraft Maintenance: Torque and Fasteners

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What type of nuts typically require lower torque values?

Shear nuts

What is the purpose of a torque wrench?

To measure the amount of torque required to turn a fastener

Why is correct torquing important for bolts?

To ensure the bolt is subject to its metallic stress strain

How is the amount of torque calculated?

By multiplying the applied force and the lever arm

How should a torque wrench (except dial type) be held to operate accurately?

At the knurled handle

What type of torque wrench uses a beam that deflects under load?

Flexible beam type torque wrench

What is a unique characteristic of PLI washers?

They can only be used once and must be replaced if slackened

Why is accurate measurement essential in aircraft maintenance?

To ensure the correct functioning and reliability of engines

What is the first step in using a precision measuring instrument?

Zero the instrument

What is required to ensure precision measuring instruments are reliable?

Regular inspection, service, and calibration

Why is it important to observe in-service limits?

To ensure wear limits are not exceeded

What should a technician do if a precision measuring instrument does not zero correctly?

Calibrate the instrument

What is the pitch of the spindle of the English micrometer?


What does each vertical line on the sleeve of the English micrometer designate?

1/40 or 0.025 in.

What is the distance moved by the spindle longitudinally when the thimble is rotated from one division to the next?

0.001 in.

What is the total distance represented by 25 divisions on the thimble?

0.025 in.

What is the typical range increment of metric micrometers?

25 mm

What is the purpose of the vernier scale on a micrometer?

To measure in 0.002 mm increments

When using a micrometer other than 0–25 mm, what must be added to the reading on the scale?

The gap in the frame

How do you read the metric Vernier micrometer scale?

By adding the normal reading to the vernier scale reading

What type of micrometer gives a digital read-out of measurements?

Electronic micrometer

What is the accuracy of measurements using a Vernier micrometer?

Two thousandths of a millimetre (0.002 mm)

What is the primary purpose of the internal micrometer?

To measure internal dimensions

What is the range of the sleeve scale on an internal micrometer?

1/2 inch

What is the purpose of the collar on an internal micrometer?

To extend the measuring range

What is used to lock the collar in place on an internal micrometer?

A locking screw

What determines the measuring range of an internal micrometer?

The length of the extension rod

What is the purpose of the extension rods on an internal micrometer?

To vary the measuring range

Test your knowledge of torque values and fastener applications in aircraft maintenance, including shear nuts and pipe union nuts. Learn about the importance of correct torquing and the use of torque wrenches and preload indicating washers.

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