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Aircraft Aileron System Overview

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How is the aircraft roll command initiated?

The aircraft roll command is initiated when either control wheel in the cockpit is rotated counterclockwise or clockwise.

What is the role of the FCCs in the aircraft roll command?

The FCCs receive the signal from the control module assembly through BD429 data buses and send it to the REUs in the wing.

How do the flight spoilers move in relation to the ailerons during aircraft roll?

The two flight spoiler panels rise together when the corresponding aileron reaches 0.5° aileron trailing edge up.

What is the function of the RUDDER trim switches on the trim control panel?

The RUDDER (yaw) trim switches on the trim control panel are directly read by the FCC for the electronic trim function.

How are aileron and flight spoiler positions controlled to achieve the desired input roll rate?

The FCC signal enables the correct combination of aileron and flight spoiler positions.

What are the three states of operation for the EBHA?

Active hydraulic (normal), Damped bypass, Electrical backup (de-energized)

How does the EHSV modulate the flow of fluid in the EBHA system?

To provide the desired actuator movement

What is the role of the PSV in controlling the state between normal and electrical backup in the EBHA?

The PSV controls the state transition between normal and electrical backup

How does the REU and MCE contribute to the positional control of the EBHA in active hydraulic state with normal hydraulic power?

By energizing a torque motor to position the MSV and PSV

What happens when the EBHA is commanded into the active state with normal hydraulic power?

The MSV and PSV are positioned for normal hydraulic power flow

Learn about the subsystems and system descriptions of the aircraft's aileron system, including the interface and control, cockpit sensors, hydraulic actuation, system electronics, and autopilot system. Explore the conventional control mechanisms and how they control the aircraft's roll.

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