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What is a characteristic of reflex agents?

They choose action based on current percept and may have memory.

What distinguishes planning agents from reflex agents?

Planning agents ask 'what if' and consider how the world would be.

What is a requirement for planning agents?

They must have a model of how the world evolves in response to actions.

What is a characteristic of reflex agents' decision-making process?

They do not consider the future consequences of their actions.

What is a key difference between reflex agents and planning agents?

Reflex agents consider how the world IS, while planning agents consider how the world WOULD BE.

Test your knowledge of AI with this quiz on "Agents that Plan Ahead" and "Search Problems." Explore topics like Depth-First Search, Breadth-First Search, and Uniform-Cost Search. Ideal for students of CS188 Intro to AI at UC Berkeley.

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