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What does agronomy encompass?

Production and use of plants for food, fuel, and land conservation

What is the focus of plant breeding in agronomy?

Selective breeding of plants for optimal crop production

Which sciences are applied in agronomy?

Biology, chemistry, economics, and genetics

What is an example of a hybrid grain produced through crossbreeding in agronomy?

Triticale, from crossbreeding rye and wheat

What has agronomy been instrumental for in terms of fruit and vegetable production?

Improvement and development

Study Notes

Agronomy Overview

  • Agronomy encompasses the science and practice of crop production and soil management, focusing on the sustainable use of land and water resources.

Plant Breeding

  • The focus of plant breeding in agronomy is to develop new crop varieties with improved characteristics, such as higher yields, disease resistance, and better adaptation to environmental conditions.

Applied Sciences

  • Agronomy applies principles from various sciences, including biology, chemistry, physics, genetics, and ecology, to improve crop production and soil management.

Hybrid Grain Production

  • An example of a hybrid grain produced through crossbreeding in agronomy is corn, which has been developed to have higher yields and improved drought tolerance.

Fruit and Vegetable Production

  • Agronomy has been instrumental in increasing fruit and vegetable production, enabling farmers to produce high-quality crops more efficiently and sustainably, and contributing to global food security.

Test your knowledge of agronomy with this quiz! Challenge yourself with questions on plant genetics, physiology, meteorology, soil science, and more. See how well you understand the application of biology, chemistry, economics, ecology, earth science, and genetics in the field of agronomy.

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