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What is the primary requirement for a chemical to be used as a pesticide?

It should be stable and tenacious

What is the main concern with applying chemical pesticides over a large area?

It may adversely affect the biological equilibrium of the area

What is the key requirement for pesticides that are mixed and applied simultaneously?

They should be compatible and not reduce each other's effectiveness

What is the main benefit of using broad-spectrum/non-selective pesticides?

They are active on a multitude of different pests

What is the main characteristic of narrow-spectrum/selective pesticides?

They are only active on certain types of pests

What is the primary economic consideration for using pesticides?

They should be as inexpensive as possible

What is the abbreviation for suspension concentrate?


Which type of formulation is characterized by slow release of the active ingredient?

Microencapsulated (M or ME)

What is the main feature of ready-to-use aerosol formulations?

Self-contained units

Which formulation type is often used for pest control operations similar to Emulsifiable Concentrates (ECs)?

Flowable (F)

What might cause residues to remain longer than expected on treated plants or surfaces?

Dry or cool weather conditions

Which type of formulation uses an inert pressurized gas to propel pesticide through a fine opening?

Aerosol (A)

What type of pesticide is effective for the control of sucking insects?

Contact poison

What is the mode of action for stomach poisons?

Absorbed through the digestive tract

How do translaminar pesticides work?

Forming a reservoir of active ingredient within the leaf

What is the method of application for systemic pesticides?

Applying as a drench or granule to the growing medium

Which type of pesticide is effective against insects with chewing-type mouthparts?

Stomach poison

What is the main difference between contact poisons and systemic pesticides?

Contact poisons are applied directly to the insect's body, while systemic pesticides are applied to the growing medium.

What is the main reason why pesticides can be incompatible when mixed?

Their pest control activity changes

Which type of adjuvant helps to reduce excessive foaming of spray mixtures?

Antifoaming agent

What should be done first when using a buffer or pH modifier?

Ensure the water is pH neutral or slightly acidic

Which of the following is NOT a reason for pesticide incompatibility?

Increased effectiveness

What do compatibility agents help with?

Mixing pesticides effectively

When should you consult the pesticide product label regarding adjuvants?

Before using the adjuvant

What type of surfactants are most often used with contact pesticides?

Anionic surfactants

Which type of surfactants should not be used as stand-alone surfactants due to potential phytotoxicity?

Cationic surfactants

What type of surfactants are often used with systemic products to help pesticides penetrate plant cuticles?

Nonionic surfactants

What does acute exposure refer to in the context of pesticide poisoning?

A one-time contact with a pesticide for 24 hours or less

How is chronic toxicity studied in experimental animals?

By exposing them to a pesticide for more than three months

Which type of surfactants are compatible with most pesticide products?

Nonionic surfactants

Test your knowledge on the application of agricultural pesticides, focusing on stability, effectiveness, and impact on biological equilibrium. Explore the properties required for accurate and effective application of pesticides to crops and plants.

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