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Aeroplane Systems: Altimeter and Static Port Plumbing

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What is the purpose of the static port plumbing in an aircraft?

To provide static pressure to the airspeed indicator

Where are independent static vents usually located in an aircraft?

In the fuselage skin, one on each side

Why is it important to keep the area around the static port free of paint and scratches?

To prevent pressure errors

What is the function of the two screws in the unpainted area of the static port?

To attach a test adaptor for static system testing

What does an altimeter measure in an aircraft?

Prevailing atmospheric pressure

What is the purpose of the common manifold in an aircraft's static system?

To average and minimize dynamic pressure effects

What is the primary reason why air rises when heated?

Its density decreases

What is the term for the height where the temperature stabilizes at around -56 °C?


What is the main purpose of the International Standard Atmosphere (ISA)?

To correct aircraft and engine performance calculations

What is the characteristic of the troposphere?

It is inherently unstable and constantly changing

What is the process by which air is heated at the Earth's surface?

Conduction and radiation

What is the primary concern when flying near or beyond the speed of sound?

In-flight behaviour

Where do virtually all weather phenomena take place?


What is the ratio of the aircraft's true airspeed to the speed of sound at the aircraft's altitude known as?

Mach number

What is the primary purpose of a Machmeter in an aircraft?

To display the ratio of the aircraft's speed to the speed of sound

What makes it possible for aircraft to attain greater flying speeds?

The advent of the gas turbine

At what altitude is the barber's pole indicated to be at 230 knots?

35 000 feet

What is the term for the limiting effects of high velocity airflow on an aircraft?

High velocity airflow forces

What happens to the differential pressure between the inside of the case and the inside of the capsule when the aircraft levels off?

It reduces until it equalises

Why does the pointer move to the descent section of the scale during descent?

Because the capsule expands as the pressure in the case is now less than that inside the capsule

What is the limitation of the normal VSI?

It has a great deal of lag

What is the purpose of calibration of the leak rate?

To maintain a difference between the pressure inside the capsule and that inside the case

What happens to the pressure inside the case during climb?

It decreases rapidly

What is the effect of the pressure difference between the inside of the case and the inside of the capsule on the pointer?

It causes the pointer to return to the zero position

What is the main issue with a Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI) in helicopters during approaches to landing?

The lag in displaying information is too long

What is the primary function of the accelerometer unit in an Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indicator (IVSI)?

To provide a more rapid response to changes in vertical speed

What happens to the piston in the accelerometer when a change in vertical speed occurs initially?

It moves up and decreases the volume of the chamber

What is the result of the accelerometer response decaying after a few seconds?

The change in actual static pressure becomes effective

What is the purpose of the cylinder connected to the capillary tube leading to the capsule?

To open directly to the static pressure source

What is the main difference between a Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI) and an Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indicator (IVSI)?

The IVSI employs an additional accelerometer unit

Learn about the static port plumbing and its role in providing static pressure to the airspeed indicator. Understand the construction of static ports and their location on a fuselage.

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