Advanced Web Designing with HTML and CSS

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Which HTML5 input type defines a color picker?

What is one of the primary reasons for using HTML5?

It supports mobile technology

Which new HTML5 input type would you use to select a date?

Which of the following is not a major browser supporting HTML5?

Internet Explorer

What HTML5 input type is used to define a field for entering a URL?

What is one of the aims of advanced web designing as mentioned in the text?

To give the skills to create HTML WebPages using HTML5 and CSS

Study Notes

Web Designing Basics

  • Web pages can be designed using CSS for layout
  • Websites can be designed from scratch
  • Web forms can be designed with validations
  • Image maps and Iframes (inline frames) can be used in web design


  • HTML is an evolving language with different versions supporting different features
  • HTML5 is the current version, supporting mobile technology
  • Major browsers supporting HTML5 features include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, and Apple

Forms in HTML

  • Forms are used to collect different kinds of user inputs, such as contact details and options
  • Form controls in HTML include text, radio, checkbox, submit, reset, select, and textarea
  • HTML5 introduces new form controls for validation purposes

HTML5 Advanced Input Elements

  • New input type values for the type attribute of `` tag in HTML5 include:
    • color: defines a color picker
    • number: defines a field for entering a number
    • ... (other input types)

Learn to design and create web pages using HTML5 and CSS. Understand how to create HTML web pages, design web forms with validations, and learn about image maps and inline frames.

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