Adaptive Immunity Overview

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Which type of white blood cells do not contain granules in their cytoplasm?


What is the major role of B-lymphocytes in the immune system?

Antibody production

Which type of immunoglobulin is responsible for immediate hypersensitivity reactions?


What is the main function of immunoglobulins in the immune response?

Neutralize antigens

During an adaptive immune response, where does clonal selection of lymphocytes occur?

Bone marrow

Which type of immunity results from vaccination?

Artificial immunity

Which immunoglobulin is the first to be produced during a primary immune response?


What is the primary function of memory B cells?

Long-term immune protection

What is the main distinction between innate and adaptive immunity?

Innate immunity provides immediate defense, adaptive immunity takes time to develop.

What is the characteristic feature of antigen-specific responses in adaptive immunity?

Diverse antigen recognition capability.

Learn about the acquired response to antigens and how the host becomes immunized against specific invaders. Explore the power of specific immunity in protecting against bacteria, viruses, and more.

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