Active Resisted Exercise in Physical Therapy

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Which component of muscle performance refers to great force production over a short period of time?

Muscle Power

What is the definition of muscle strength?

The maximum force a muscle can exert during a contraction

What is the main characteristic of muscle endurance?

Ability to sustain contractions repeatedly or over a certain period of time

What is the definition of active resisted exercise?

Any form of exercise in which a dynamic or static muscular contraction is resisted by an outside force

What are the indications for active resisted exercise?

Increase strength, power, and endurance

What is the main benefit of active resisted exercise according to the given text?

Increased muscle size

What does muscle power refer to?

Great force production over a short period of time

In isotonic exercise, which method includes performing 10 reps with 100% of 10RM in the first set?

Oxford technique

Which factor affects muscle tension by influencing the force production?

Frequency of firing of motor units

What is a repetition maximum (RM) in the context of strength training?

The most weight a person can lift for a defined number of exercise movements

What does the intensity of exercise refer to?

The amount of force necessary to achieve the activity

What does a higher frequency of firing of motor units result in?

Greater tension

What does exercise frequency in a resistance exercise program refer to?

The number of exercise sessions per day or per week

Which component of active resisted exercise refers to achieving temporary fatigue?

Exercise intensity

What is a potential effect of eccentric muscle contraction?

High-speed, high-tension force output

What is muscle power related to in terms of muscle performance?

The speed of muscle contraction

This quiz covers the components of muscle performance, definition of resisted exercise, benefits of active resisted exercise, factors affecting muscle tension, benefits, indications, contraindications of resisted exercise, and main components of the exercise.

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