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Create organized and comprehensive study materials with our powerful study notes generator tool. Streamline the process of generating well-structured notes from various sources such as URLs, PDFs, Docs, and PPTs. Use our AI features to expand or summarize points and sections, making them custom to your study needs.

Whether you're a student, educator, or lifelong learner, this tool empowers you to unlock your full potential and excel in your academic or professional pursuits.

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Learn smarter. Enjoy AI-generated quizzes, flashcards, and notes tailored to your unique learning needs. Save time, boost retention, and ace your exams with ease.

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Elevate your teaching with AI-powered quiz, assessment, and exam generation. Save time on content creation, grading, and enhance student engagement.

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Create assessments in no time to boost knowledge and evaluate skills. Whether it's for delivering trainings, developing courses, or certification - we've got you covered.

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How to generate study notes

Upload Your Course Materials

Getting started with our study notes generator is a breeze. Simply upload your course materials, such as PDFs, Word documents, or PowerPoint presentations, to the platform. You could also paste in text, or enter a URL. Our advanced AI will then seamlessly process the content, ensuring accurate and comprehensive data gathering.

Upload Your Course Materials

AI-Powered Note Generation

Our generator quickly analyzes your uploads, automatically generating structured study notes. Key concepts are pulled out and logically organized, with definitions and crucial info highlighted. Get comprehensive notes in seconds, not hours.

AI-Powered Note Generation

Customize & Refine

Take full control over your auto-generated study notes. Our easy to use editor allows you to modify, rearrange, and format the content to suit your preferences. You also have the ability to use AI to instantly expand your study notes, summarizing and adding details as needed.

Add personal insights, highlight key points, or restructure sections – you can make these notes truly your own. Keep your notes on Quizgecko or save for use elsewhere – you can even print them!

Customize & Refine

How to Create AI Study Notes with Quizgecko

Our cutting-edge study notes generator revolutionizes how you learn and retain information. Simply upload your course materials like PDFs, Word docs, or PowerPoint decks and then take full control with our intuitive editor – modify, rearrange, add notes, and format everything to create the perfect personalized study resource.

AI Study Notes Generator Features

  • Automatic generation of structured study notes from uploaded files (PDFs, Word docs, PowerPoints)
  • AI-powered analysis to identify key concepts, definitions, and crucial information Logical organization of content into sections, subsections, and bullet points
  • Highlighting of key terms, definitions, and important concepts
  • Generation of quizzes, tests, and interactive flashcards
  • Intuitive editor to customize, rearrange, format notes
  • Ability to add personal notes and insights
  • Create personalized, comprehensive study materials

For Every Learner

  • Students: AI-generated study notes, quizzes, and flashcards tailored to your unique learning needs. Save time on manual note-taking, boost information retention, and ace your exams.
  • Educators: Automatically generate comprehensive study notes from course materials. AI-powered assistance in creating quizzes, assessments, and exams. Save valuable time on content creation while enhancing student engagement and learning.
  • Business: Quickly generate structured study notes, training materials, and assessments for onboarding, upskilling, or certification purposes. Ensure employees and partners efficiently learn and retain crucial information.

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