GPT-4 Token Counter



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How it works

This online tool uses the same tokenization method as the GPT-4, GPT-4-turbo and GPT-3.5-turbo (ChatGPT) tokenizer. Simply paste in the text you want to tokenize and it will calculate the number of tokens in the text. That way, you'll know whether your over the limit.

What Are OpenAI GPT Tokens?

Think of tokens as the building blocks that OpenAI GPT models (like ChatGPT) use to measure the length of a text. A token could be a group of characters or sometimes an entire word. It could also be a punctuation mark or an emoji. That's why the number of tokens is usually different from the number of words.

How Do I Count Tokens?

To figure out the exact number of tokens in your text, you need to run your text through a tokenizer, which will count all the tokens for you. Worried this sounds too technical? Don't be! It's as easy as copy-pasting your text into our GPT-4 tokenizer above.

What's the Relationship Between Words and Tokens?

Every language has a different word-to-token ratio. Here are a few general rules:

  • For English: 1 word is about 1.3 tokens
  • For Spanish and French: 1 word is about 2 tokens

How Many Tokens Are Punctuation Marks, Special Characters, and Emojis?

Each punctuation mark (like ,:;?!) counts as 1 token. Special characters (like ∝√∅°¬) range from 1 to 3 tokens, and emojis (like 😁🙂🤩) range from 2 to 3 tokens.