Inflorescence Biology

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What is the floral axis termed as when a shoot tip transforms into a flower?

In which type of inflorescence do the flowers continue to grow laterally in an acropetal succession?

What are the accessory organs in a typical flower?

What is the reproductive unit in the angiosperms?

When is a flower termed as bisexual?

What was the initial focus of naturalists' description of biology?

Why did biology remain as a natural history for a long time?

What drew more attention from scientists in reductionist biology?

What became meaningful and helpful in framing research questions in physiology or evolutionary biology?

What is the main focus of the following chapters in the unit on structural organisation in plants and animals?


Test your knowledge on the biological process of inflorescence, where the shoot apical meristem changes to floral meristem, producing different kinds of floral appendages. Explore the major types of inflorescences and their characteristics.

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