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What is YouTube Live?

A livestreaming feature that allows interaction with the audience in real time

How can users watch trending livestreams on YouTube?

By clicking on 'Live' from the left sidebar on YouTube via desktop

What percentage of consumers find livestreams to be the most engaging type of content?


What did livestreaming provide during the pandemic lockdowns?

Virtual events, workshops, and webinars

Why do brands need to fine-tune their strategy for YouTube and livestreaming?

To prepare for the future of YouTube and livestreaming as streaming is on the rise

Study Notes

YouTube Live

  • YouTube Live is a feature that allows users to broadcast live video content on the YouTube platform.

Watching Trending Livestreams on YouTube

  • Users can watch trending livestreams on YouTube by clicking on the "Live" tab on the YouTube homepage, which displays a list of currently trending and popular live streams.

Engaging Type of Content

  • 80% of consumers find livestreams to be the most engaging type of content.

Livestreaming during Pandemic Lockdowns

  • During the pandemic lockdowns, livestreaming provided a sense of community and connection for people who were isolated or stuck at home.

Brands and YouTube Livestreaming Strategy

  • Brands need to fine-tune their strategy for YouTube and livestreaming because it requires a different approach than traditional video content, and it's essential to adapt to the changing viewer behavior and preferences.

Test your knowledge about streaming on YouTube Live with this quiz. Learn about the best practices, tips, and strategies for creating engaging livestream content on the platform.

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