YouTube History and Features

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What was the title of the first video ever uploaded to YouTube?

Me at the zoo

Who founded YouTube in 2005?

Three former PayPal employees

What is the minimum number of languages in which YouTube is available?


What percentage of ad revenue goes to the content creator?


What is the name of the most subscribed YouTube channel?


How many monthly active users does YouTube have?

Over 2 billion

What is the main profession of the protagonist, Shambhu, in the film Do Bigha Zamin?


What is the reason for Shambhu to mortgage his land to Thakur Harnam Singh?

To pay for his son's treatment

What is the name of the moneylender who exploits Shambhu?

Thakur Harnam Singh

What is a significant theme in the film Do Bigha Zamin?

Poverty and exploitation of the poor

What is a notable award won by the film Do Bigha Zamin?

First Prize at the Cannes Film Festival

What is the significance of Do Bigha Zamin in Indian cinema?

It is a landmark film known for its realistic portrayal of rural life

Study Notes

History of YouTube

  • Created in 2005 by three former PayPal employees: Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim
  • Initially created as a video-sharing platform for people to share their personal videos with others
  • First video ever uploaded to YouTube was a 19-second video titled "Me at the zoo" featuring co-founder Jawed Karim

Features and Functionality

  • Allows users to upload, share, and view videos
  • Supports various video formats, including 3D and 360-degree videos
  • Offers features such as:
    • Commenting and liking/disliking videos
    • Subscribing to channels for regular updates
    • Creating playlists and managing video libraries
    • Monetization options for content creators through ads and sponsorships

Content Types and Policies

  • Supports a wide range of content, including:
    • Vlogs and personal videos
    • Music videos and audio tracks
    • Educational content and tutorials
    • Product reviews and unboxing videos
    • Live streams and events
  • Has community guidelines and policies to ensure a safe and respectful environment for users, including:
    • Rules against hate speech, harassment, and bullying
    • Age restrictions and content moderation
    • Copyright and intellectual property protection

Monetization and Revenue

  • Content creators can earn money through:
    • Advertisements (AdSense)
    • Sponsorships and product placements
    • Merchandise sales and affiliate marketing
    • YouTube Premium and YouTube Music revenue
  • YouTube takes a 45% cut of ad revenue, with the remaining 55% going to the content creator

Statistics and Milestones

  • Over 2 billion monthly active users
  • Over 5 billion videos viewed daily
  • Available in over 80 languages
  • Most subscribed YouTube channel: T-Series (over 200 million subscribers)
  • Most viewed YouTube video: "Baby Shark Dance" (over 10 billion views)

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