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What do we call those employed by The Christ Hospital Health Network(TCHHN)?

Both B and C.

Which option will the Team Member select to sign into TCHPoint?

Single Sign-On

What is the purpose of the BAI questionaire?

To find better insurance solutions for the Team Member

Who is shown under "People to cover"?

All historic emergency contacts, prior and current covered dependents.

What benefits are being enrolled in Zevo?

Only VBs.

Where do the Team Members submit dependent verification documents?

In TCHPoint under Pending items

What benefits are the Team Members enrolling in TCHPoint?

Core only

Team Members can self-enroll in their Voluntary Benefits.


Zevo automatically sends out a Team Members confirmation statement when done enrolling.


You can search for Team Members by...

Both, A and B

Test your knowledge of The Christ Hospital Health Network (TCHHN) employee services, including sign-in procedures, BAI questionnaire purpose, and benefits enrollment.

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