WTO: International Trade Rules

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What is the main purpose of the WTO's fair trading rule?

To ensure everyone follows the same rules for fair trade

What does the WTO do to help countries with trade disputes?

It provides a platform for countries to resolve disputes peacefully

What is the ILO's main focus?

Making rules to keep workers safe and happy

What is one of the main goals of the International Labour Organization (ILO)?

To ensure fair pay and good working conditions

What does the WTO do to encourage trade between countries?

It encourages countries to open their doors to each other

What is the main focus of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)?

To conserve nature and protect wildlife

What is the WTO's role in ensuring fair treatment of workers?

It ensures countries follow fair labor practices

What does the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) do to help Canadians?

Ensures food safety and helps farmers

What is the main goal of the WTO?

To facilitate free and fair trade between countries

What is one way the ILO helps workers?

By talking to bosses to ensure fair treatment

Why does the WWF work to stop climate change?

To preserve the environment and protect nature

How does the FAO help farmers in Canada?

By giving advice and support to grow healthy crops

Study Notes

International Labour Organization (ILO)

  • Ensures people have good working conditions, fair pay, and are treated with respect
  • Works to stop bad work, such as in dangerous factories or for very little pay, and promotes good jobs
  • Helps workers all around the world, regardless of their location or job type
  • Engages with employers and leaders to ensure fair treatment of workers

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

  • Protects animals in Canada, ensuring they have sufficient food, clean water, and a safe habitat
  • Preserves Canada's natural beauty, including forests, lakes, and mountains, for animals and plants to thrive
  • Combats climate change and pollution to maintain a healthy environment for Canada
  • Educates people about nature and its importance, promoting love and respect for animals and nature
  • Collaborates with governments, businesses, and other groups to protect wildlife and address environmental issues

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

  • Provides guidance and support to Canadian farmers to grow healthy crops and raise animals sustainably
  • Ensures food safety and quality in Canada by setting rules and standards
  • Works to eliminate hunger in Canada by assisting people who struggle to afford food
  • Helps farmers adopt environmentally friendly practices to minimize the impact of farming on nature

World Trade Organization (WTO)

  • Establishes fair trade rules for countries to follow, promoting equal opportunities for all
  • Resolves disputes between countries regarding trade, ensuring peaceful and respectful resolutions
  • Encourages countries to engage in open trade, facilitating the exchange of goods and services
  • Protects workers' rights and ensures fair treatment in the global trade industry

Learn how the World Trade Organization (WTO) promotes fair trade practices and resolves disputes between countries, ensuring a level playing field for international trade. This quiz explores the WTO's role in facilitating global commerce. Test your knowledge of the WTO's functions and importance in international trade.

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