World War One's Final Days

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Which country's naval blockade of Germany is considered crucial in ending World War One?

Great Britain

What policy did Germany adopt in 1917 that posed a great danger to commercial shipping between the US and Europe?

Unrestricted submarine warfare

What event led to the United States finally declaring war on Germany?

Germany's unrestricted submarine warfare

Who came to power in Russia and promised to pull Russia out of the war?

Vladimir Lenin

When did Russia agree to the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk?


What was the name of the series of offensives launched by the Allies that effectively ended the war?

Hundred Days Offensive

When did the Allies sign an agreement to cease fighting?

November 11th, 1918

What did the Treaty of Versailles demand from Germany?

Accept sole responsibility for causing the war

When did Germany sign the Treaty of Versailles?

June 28th, 1919

What is considered by many as a direct cause of the Second World War?

The Treaty of Versailles

Test your knowledge about the final days of World War One and how it came to an end. Explore key events, including Great Britain's naval blockade of Germany, that played a crucial role in ending the conflict.

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