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S-WRID Workers Report Injury/Disease

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What is the role of Company Officers/Captains according to this Standard Operating Guideline?

Supervisors as referenced in this document

What happens if correct reporting procedures are NOT followed?

The WSIB may deny, delay, or suspend benefits pending its investigation

What is the purpose of completing a Worker’s Report of Injury/Disease form (WSIB Form 6)?

To fulfil the requirements of the WSIB

What should the employee inform their supervisor about?

If they have sought medical treatment, and the outcome of the assessment

What should the employee provide to their employer?

A copy of the Form 6

What can the employee request from their employer?

Assistance to complete the Form 6

What information may the WSIB request to verify the worker’s identity?

Accident date, area of injury, date of birth, or worker’s address

Who can the employee contact for questions about the policy?

A supervisor or the Disability Management Section

Study Notes

Company Officers and Worker's Report of Injury or Disease

  • Company Officers/Captains are supervisors responsible for ensuring the completion of the Worker's Report of Injury or Disease.
  • All TFS personnel are considered workers for the purpose of this guideline.
  • When an incident or injury occurs, the employee has certain obligations to meet to allow for processing and recording of relevant information.

Reporting Procedures

  • Report all accidents/incidents immediately to the supervisor.
  • Complete and sign a Worker's Report of Injury/Disease form (WSIB Form 6) to fulfill the requirements of the WSIB.
  • Retain a copy of the Form 6 for personal records.
  • Send the Form 6 to the WSIB and provide a copy to the employer.
  • Assistance can be provided to the employee to ensure the Form 6 is sent to the WSIB.

Post-Incident Procedures

  • Immediately inform the supervisor if medical treatment is sought, and the outcome of the assessment.
  • Maintain communication with the supervisor on a regular basis and provide ongoing appropriate medical documentation to support the Return-to-Work, requirement for modified duties, or the continued absence from work.
  • Co-operate with the employer in all Return-to-Work efforts.

Contacting the WSIB

  • The WSIB can be contacted at (416) 344-1000.
  • To inquire about a claim, the WSIB requires one of the following: claim number, accident date, area of injury, date of birth, or worker's address.

Additional Resources

  • Questions about the policy can be directed to a supervisor or the Disability Management Section.
  • Disability Management Section can be contacted at (416) 396-5520 or (416) 338-8030, or by fax at (416) 696-4158.

This quiz covers the standard operating guideline for reporting workplace incidents and injuries. It outlines the procedures for employees and supervisors to follow in order to ensure proper processing and recording of relevant information.

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