Whittaker's Five Kingdom System and Microbe Classification

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What are the merits of Whittaker's five kingdom classification system?

Clear separation of major groups, accommodating diverse organisms

What are the demerits of Whittaker's five kingdom classification system?

Lack of clarity in distinguishing between kingdoms, oversimplification of complex relationships

What is the size range of bacteria?

1 mm to 10 mm

How do bacteria reproduce?

By simple binary fission

Where are protozoa found?

In soil, fresh water, sea water, and in the body of other organisms

How do protozoa reproduce?

By simple cell division

What is the main concept embodied in Archemedes Principle?


How is the buoyant force related to the weight of the fluid displaced by an object?


What did Archemedes discover when he entered a bath tub?

Buoyancy principle

What did Archemedes shout when he made his discovery in the bath tub?


How has Archemedes Principle been utilized in the construction of ships and submarines?


What force acts on an object immersed in a fluid according to Archemedes Principle?

Buoyant force

What is the smallest particle of the substance?


Who stated that the smallest particles of matter are named 'Paramanu'?

Indian philosopher Kanad

According to Democritus, what is the smallest particle of matter called?


What is the formula for water?


What is the chemical formula for methane?


What type of matter is composed of a single type of atom in the molecule?


What is electrostatic potential?

Electrostatic potential is the electric level deciding the direction of flow of electric charges.

Explain the concept of potential difference.

Potential difference is the difference between the potential of two points, determining the flow of electric charges.

How is current produced in electric cells like a car battery?

Current is produced by the flow of both negatively and positively charged particles.

In which direction does heat flow?

Heat flows from a body at higher temperature to a body at lower temperature.

What happens when a dry cell is connected in a circuit?

When a dry cell is connected in a circuit, electrons flow from the negative terminal to the positive terminal, causing current to flow.

Why is no current seen to flow in the bulb initially?

No current is seen initially because there is no potential difference to drive the flow of electrons in the circuit.

What are the symbols used for the shells which accommodate the electrons in various atoms?

K, L, M, N, O, P, Q

What is the symbol and ordinal number of the innermost shell?

K shell, 1st shell

Write the symbol of electron distribution in the shell of a fluorine atom.


Which is the outermost shell of a fluorine atom?

N shell

Which is the outermost shell of a sodium atom?

M shell

Which is the outermost shell of a hydrogen atom?

K shell

Learn about the merits and demerits of Whittaker's classification system, particularly focusing on the classification of microorganisms based on their size. Understand how microorganisms are categorized as Eukaryotes, Prokaryotes, Bacteria, and Protista.

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