What Does UNICEF Do?

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What is one way UNICEF helps protect children?

By stopping child labor, violence, and abuse

What does the EU do to help countries in Europe?

Helps countries become friends and work together

What is one way UNICEF provides essentials to children?

By providing food, clean water, and medicine

What does UNICEF do during natural disasters or diseases?

Rushes to help with emergency supplies and care

What is one thing the EU helps countries do?

Trade things like clothes, toys, and food with each other

What is one way UNICEF helps kids have a good education?

By building schools and providing books and supplies

What makes it easy for people in Europe to travel to different countries?

No need for a special passport or visa

What is the main goal of the EU's environmental rules?

To keep the air and water clean and protect animals from harm

What does the WTO do in case of trade disputes between countries?

They help solve arguments peacefully

What is the main goal of the ILO?

To protect workers and make sure they have good and fair jobs

What does the WTO do to help countries trade with each other?

They encourage countries to open their doors to each other

What does the EU do to help countries in need?

They send food, clothes, and even firefighters to make sure everyone is safe and taken care of

Study Notes


  • Works to protect children from child labor, violence, and abuse
  • Provides essentials like food, clean water, and medicine to ensure children's health
  • Believes in education for all and helps build schools, provides books and supplies
  • Rushes to help in emergency situations like natural disasters or diseases, providing emergency supplies and medical care
  • Speaks up for children who may not have a voice, advocating for their rights and well-being

European Union (EU)

  • Fosters friendship and cooperation among European countries to solve problems and help each other
  • Facilitates trade among countries, making it easier to get what they need
  • Allows for easy travel among European countries without needing special passports or visas
  • Works to protect the environment, making rules to keep air and water clean and protect animals
  • Provides help to countries in need, sending aid like food, clothes, and firefighters in times of crisis

World Trade Organization (WTO)

  • Ensures fair trading practices among countries, setting rules for trade like a game with fair rules
  • Helps resolve trade disputes between countries, like a teacher helping friends solve a disagreement
  • Encourages countries to open their doors to each other, making it easier to trade goods
  • Protects workers, ensuring they are treated fairly and their rights are respected

International Labour Organization (ILO)

  • Makes rules to keep workers safe and happy, ensuring good conditions, fair pay, and respect
  • Works to stop bad work practices, like forced labor or dangerous working conditions
  • Helps workers everywhere, not just in one place, making sure everyone has a good and fair job

Learn about the three main things UNICEF does to help kids around the world. From protecting them from harm to providing essentials like food and medicine, and ensuring they get a good education.

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