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What did Jack the Monkey do during the battle of Calypso's maelstrom?

Helped to distract the pirate Maccus by shooting him with a cannon

What did Jack the Monkey do when he reunited with Barbossa after a long time?

He rejoiced and celebrated his master's return

What did Jack the Monkey do when Jack Sparrow examined the bottle?

He presented Jack Sparrow with his compass

What did Jack the Monkey do when the Black Pearl was attacked by the Queen Anne's Revenge?

He was shrunk with the Pearl and locked inside a bottle

What was Jack the Monkey's relationship with Jack Sparrow?

They were partners

Study Notes

  • Jack the Monkey was the second pet monkey owned by the black-hearted Captain Hector Barbossa.

  • mockingly named after Captain Jack Sparrow, this capuchin monkey was considered the meanest, most rotten-tempered simian in all of the Caribbean.

  • Jack the Monkey first joined his owner in a search to find of the cursed treasure of Cortés, which Jack lived under throughout his life as an undead monkey.

  • Following the battle of Isla de Muerta, Jack somehow returned to the civilization and joined the Black Pearl's new crew, commanded by Sparrow.

  • However, he didn't accompany Sparrow and his crew during the rest of the quest for the Dead Man's Chest, because he decided to stay in Tia Dalma's shack along his now resurrected master, who decided to help the crew of the Black Pearl rescue Sparrow from Davy Jones' Locker, which they did.

  • During the War Against Piracy, Jack was involved in many of its battles, including the battle of Calypso's maelstrom, in which he inadvertently helped to distract the pirate Maccus after being shot from a cannon of the Black Pearl by Pintel and Ragetti.

  • Following the pirates' victory after the war, Hector Barbossa led a new mutiny aboard the Black Pearl and left Sparrow at Tortuga, while he decided to begin his quest for the Fountain of Youth, but the Pearl was attacked by the Queen Anne's Revenge under the command of Blackbeard who shrunk the ship.

  • While his master managed to escape, Jack, along with Cotton's Parrot, was shrunk with the Pearl and locked inside a bottle before 1750.

  • After Blackbeard's death at the island where the Fountain of Youth was located, Sparrow's First Mate, Joshamee Gibbs, managed to recover the bottle which remained in the hands of Sparrow.

  • One year later, Barbossa restored the Pearl, along with Jack, to her original size.

  • Jack was reunited with Barbossa in the process after a long time, but following Barbossa's ultimate death in order to kill Captain Armando Salazar, Jack decided to become Sparrow's pet as the crew of the Black Pearl set sailed beyond Sparrow's beloved horizon.

  • Following the pirates' victory after the war, Jack remained onboard the Black Pearl, now under Jack Sparrow's command, and attempted to steal a drawing of the key to the Dead Man's Chest held by Sparrow.

  • The pirate captain shot Jack, though the undead monkey escaped unscathed, but lost the drawing in the process.

  • Later, when the ship was run aground on an island inhabited by cannibals, the monkey stole Ragetti's wooden eye when he and Pintel found the ship.

  • Later, when Jack Sparrow's crew managed to capture the monkey, Sparrow used him to barter with Tia Dalma for information on the whereabouts of the

  • Jack accompanies his master on the quest to rescue Jack Sparrow from Davy Jones' Locker.

  • When Sparrow asked if anyone in the crew actually missed him, The monkey admitted, with a raised hand, that he had missed Sparrow after returning from World's End.

  • This caused Sparrow to agree to let him come with him.

  • He also developed something of a partnership with Cotton's parrot; the two worked together during the battle in Singapore to destroy a fireworks factory.

  • However, during an altercation aboard the Black Pearl, Jack drew a small pistol on the parrot just as Barbossa did the same to Sparrow.

  • Jack later retrieved Jack Sparrow's piece of eight and gave it to his master after a parley with Cutler Beckett.

  • Jack remained aboard the Black Pearl, during the battle around Calypso's maelstrom, where he witnessed the impromptu marriage of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann.

  • After Will swung over to the Flying Dutchman, Jack joined them when Pintel and Ragetti fired him from a cannon.

  • Jack, still immortal but none too pleased with this undignified mode of transport, flew into Maccus's face and attacked him, knocking him to the deck, rescuing Will, who was in trouble at that point.

  • Jack escaped the Dutchman by clinging to Jack Sparrow's makeshift parasail, and returned to Barbossa on the Pearl.

  • He was with his master when the Pearl and the Dutchman destroyed the HMS Endeavour, and he was with him when the pirates expressed their victory.

  • After the battle, Barbossa commandeered the Black Pearl from Jack, again, at Tortuga.

  • Jack would later discover the bottle and gain possession of it, thanks to Joshamee Gibbs.

  • When Sparrow examined the bottle, Jack would be swinging towards him both times startling the latter who expresses his annoyance of the monkey.

  • Jack then presented Sparrow his compass (which was still in his possession) and returned the item to him, as a sign of peace for all the animosity between them and as a way of accepting Sparrow as his new captain.

  • Sparrow was very pleased with the gesture.

  • Jack is a monkey who is cursed by the crew of the Black Pearl.

  • Jack is intelligent and can understand commands.

  • Jack is often mischievous and causes annoyance amongst the crew.

  • Following Barbossa's second death, Jack chooses to stay with Jack Sparrow as his new master.

  • Jack is loyal to his master and mourns the loss of Barbossa.

Test your knowledge about the mischievous and loyal pet monkey, Jack, from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. Find out how much you know about his adventures with Captain Hector Barbossa and Captain Jack Sparrow.

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