Web Development: Creating a Website (HTML and CSS)

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What is the purpose of CSS in web development?

To style web pages

How are HTML elements typically structured?

In pairs of tags

What is the primary function of HTML in web development?

To describe the structure of a web page

Which language is considered the standard markup language for web documents?


What is the purpose of the 'doctype html' declaration in HTML?

To define the document type as HTML 5

In HTML, what does the 'href' property of a link specify?

The location of the link

What distinguishes a span element from a div element in HTML?

A span element is used for small chunks of code inside a line, while a div element groups larger chunks of code

What does the 'target' property specify for a link in HTML?

Whether the link opens in a new tab or not

What does the text between '' and '' tags represent in HTML?

The page title

What is the significance of using '' and '' tags in HTML?

To structure text as bold and italic respectively

This quiz focuses on creating a website using HTML basic tags and managing layout with CSS. Students are reminded to organize their project folder and utilize the provided material such as slides, CSS, JS, and media. They are encouraged to customize their design with different elements like tags, designs, and colors.

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