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Web and Internet are the same thing


The Internet is a collection of computers and devices connected by equipment


Web servers provide documents, but most computers run Web clients or browsers


A web designer works on server-side software


A web designer uses software like Photoshop and Corel Draw to make the website more attractive


Study Notes

Internet and Web

  • The Internet is a collection of interconnected computers and devices linked by equipment.
  • The terms "Web" and "Internet" are not interchangeable, they are distinct concepts.

Web Components

  • Web servers provide documents and host websites.
  • Most computers run Web clients or browsers to access these documents.

Web Designer's Role

  • A web designer primarily focuses on server-side software development.
  • A web designer uses graphic design software like Photoshop and Corel Draw to enhance the website's visual appeal.

Test your knowledge about web designing, web development, and the difference between the Internet and the Web with this quiz. Explore topics like front end vs back end, static vs dynamic content, and the roles of web designers and developers.

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