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What is the primary function of web application architecture?

To handle various loads and adapt to changing business requirements

Why are iterative approaches suggested for web application development?

To mitigate design risks

How does web application architecture facilitate future-proof applications?

By providing the opportunity to add new features and maintain low latency

What is the role of the client-side in web application architecture?

Store and handle user interaction using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

What is the purpose of the server-side in web application architecture?

To control the business logic and respond to HTTP requests

Why are market trends and user expectations mentioned in relation to web app architecture?

To emphasize the importance of adapting to changing business requirements

What does the term 'Architecture' refer to in the context of software systems?

The fundamental organization of a system, including its components and their relationships

What does the software architecture connect in the software development process?

Requirements mapped iteratively to components and their relationships

Which view does the implementation view of architectures focus on?

Software artefacts such as subsystems, components, source code

What is the main purpose of architectures in making systems comprehensible and controllable?

To structure according to different viewpoints

According to the given text, what is the role of requirements in architecture development?

Requirements are dynamic and always subject to change during architecture development

What is the significance of the conceptual view in architectures?

It describes entities of the application domain and their relationships

Which aspect does the process view of architectures focus on?

System runs, concurrency, synchronization

What does the term 'blueprint of software system' refer to in the context of architectures?

The fundamental organization of a system, including its components and their relationships

In what way do architectures assist in enabling communication between different stakeholders?

By structuring according to different viewpoints

What is the primary role of architectures in software systems according to the text?

To describe the fundamental organization of a system and its components

Test your knowledge on software architecture and web application architecture, including its importance, working, layers, components, models, types, and best practices.

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