Weather Conditions for Planning Aerial Surveys

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What is camera calibration?

Camera calibration is the process of determining the intrinsic and extrinsic parameters of a camera system.

Define focal length in the context of camera calibration.

Focal length (f) represents the distance from the camera's optical center to the imaging sensor.

What does the principal point (c) define in camera calibration?

The principal point (c) defines the center of the image where the optical axis intersects the imaging sensor.

Explain what extrinsic parameters describe in camera calibration.

Extrinsic parameters describe the spatial location (X, Y, Z) and orientation (ω, φ, κ) of the camera in the coordinate system.

What is radial distortion in the context of lens distortion?

Radial distortion is caused by imperfections in the lens, leading to distortion towards the edges of the image.

How does tangential distortion occur in camera systems?

Tangential distortion results from misalignments between the lens and the image sensor.

What are calibration grids/patterns used for in camera calibration?

Calibration grids/patterns are used with known features to refine camera parameters.

Explain bundle adjustment as a calibration method.

Bundle adjustment involves refining camera parameters and 3D coordinates of ground points simultaneously.

How does accurate camera calibration contribute to flight plan evaluation techniques?

Accurate camera calibration enhances the accuracy of photogrammetric measurements.

Why is precise determination of the camera parameters important in flight plans?

Precise camera parameters reduce errors in image orientation and 3D reconstruction in flight planning.

Learn about the importance of weather conditions in planning successful aerial surveys for applications like environmental monitoring and disaster management. Explore how weather impacts the safety and success of aerial surveys.

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