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What caused Thistleclaw to fall to the ground?

He was badly wounded by Silverhawk's attack

What did Silverhawk declare after Thistleclaw bit down hard on his shoulder?

He declared the fight over

What was Thistleclaw's response when Silverhawk mentioned he wasn't the toughest cat in the Dark Forest?

He muttered 'Really?'

Why did Silverhawk taunt Thistleclaw at the beginning of the passage?

To provoke him into a fight

What is Thistleclaw's reaction when Silverhawk tells him there's no way out?

He becomes agitated and questions Silverhawk

What does Silverhawk imply about the cats in StarClan?

They are weak-willed fools who know nothing about what really matters

What does Thistleclaw question himself about after waking up in the warriors' den?

Whether he would betray his kin and Clan by murdering Sunstar

How does Silverhawk feel about training Thistleclaw in the Dark Forest?

He enjoys it as it breaks the loneliness of being there for seasons

What does Thistleclaw think about the cats in StarClan after his conversation with Silverhawk in the Dark Forest?

He starts to have doubts about their wisdom

What is Thistleclaw's initial reaction when Silverhawk says there's no way out?

He challenges Silverhawk's statement

Test your knowledge of the prologue of the Warriors series with this quiz. See how well you remember the interactions between Silverhawk and Thistleclaw.

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