NFL's G-4 Program and Stadium Funding

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What does the G-4 program provide money for?

Stadium upgrades

What did the Titans receive for their new stadium?

More than a billion dollars

What does the text suggest about sports leagues?

They can fund new venues without public money

Study Notes

  • The NFL's G-4 program provides money for stadium upgrades for a bunch of teams.
  • The program evolved from G-3, which allowed teams to withhold some revenue-sharing money if it was used to build new stadiums.
  • G-3 and G-4 were designed to require public-private partnerships, but the league started bending that rule.
  • The Titans, for example, are supposed to get more than a billion dollars in tax money for their new stadium, but the Broncos are getting just $12 million, and the Cowboys nothing.
  • This doesn't mean team owners are asking for less public money, but it does go to show that sports leagues do have ways of funding new venues without demanding tax dollars.

Test your knowledge about the NFL's G-4 program, stadium funding, and public-private partnerships for venue construction.

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