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What is a Tagongko?

A parade music played by male musicians

Which city is known as the 'City of Golden Friendship'?

Cagayan de Oro

What is a Pangan-do?

A lullaby of the Mansaka

Which province is known as the 'Sugar bowl of the Philippines'?

Negros Occidental

What is a Badju Lapi?

A tight blouse with long sleeves and gold buttons used by Yakans

What is the Torogan?

The ancestral home of the highest title-holder in a Maranao village

What is the name of the epic song from the Maranao people?


Which of the following is a courtship song from the Jolo region?


What is the name of the two-stringed bamboo tube zither from Mindanao?


Which of the following is a victory song of the Manobo people?


What is the name of the large brass pellet bells used by the B'laan people?


Which of the following musical instruments is composed of gongs and drums and played indoors?


Test your knowledge on the diverse vocal music traditions of Mindanao, including epic songs, love songs, lullabies, ritual dance songs, and more. Learn about the cultural significance and unique characteristics of each vocal music genre.

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