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What does the word 'diligent' mean based on the provided sentence?

Hardworking and industrious

In the context of the farmer's actions, what does 'cultivate' mean?

Grow and nurture

What is the meaning of 'didactic' in the sentence regarding the teacher's approach?

Instructive or educational

What does 'digress' mean in the given sentence?

Wander off-topic

How is 'eloquent' defined in the context of Martin Luther King Jr.'s speeches?

Persuasive and articulate

What word best describes the professor's teaching style in the first sentence?


Which word best describes Jenny's effort in developing her painting skills?


What word describes the excessive length of the author's novel?


Which word describes the speaker's tendency to wander off-topic during the presentation?


What word best describes the politician's offensive remarks during the debate?


Test your vocabulary and reading comprehension skills with this quiz containing fill-in-the-blank sentences. Choose the correct word to complete each sentence based on the context provided.

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