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What is the control in which the user can choose only one item out of given items?


Which statement of Visual Basic is used to execute the statements based on different choices/conditions?

If Else Statement

What property of PictureBox is used to display a picture on it?


What are the operators used to compare two values in Visual Basic?

Relational Operator

What does the Dim statement do in Visual Basic?

Declare a variable

There are..... heading levels in HTML.


Tag is used to change the background color of the web page.


Is the extension of HTML document.


Study Notes

Visual Basic Concepts

  • A Radio Button is a control that allows the user to choose only one item from a set of options.

Conditional Statements in Visual Basic

  • The If...Then...Else statement is used to execute different blocks of code based on specific conditions or choices.

PictureBox Properties

  • The PictureBox control has a property called Image, which is used to display a picture on it.

Comparison Operators in Visual Basic

  • The comparison operators used to compare two values in Visual Basic are: = (Equal to), <> (Not Equal to), > (Greater than), < (Less than), >= (Greater than or Equal to), <= (Less than or Equal to).

Declaring Variables in Visual Basic

  • The Dim statement is used to declare a variable and assign it a data type in Visual Basic.

HTML Concepts

  • There are six heading levels in HTML, ranging from H1 to H6.


  • The `` tag is used to change the background color of a web page using the bgcolor attribute.

HTML Document Extensions

  • An HTML document typically has a .html or .htm extension.

Test your knowledge of Visual Basic statements and controls with this quiz. From defining constants to using If Else statements, RadioButton, and Drop-down Box, this quiz covers various aspects of Visual Basic programming.

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