Virtual Machines (VMs) for OSINT Investigations Quiz

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What is a Virtual Machine (VM)?

A software emulation of a physical computer

How does a VM provide isolation for investigations?

Any threats encountered are confined to the VM and do not affect the main system

How can you disable shared folders between the host and the VM in VMware?

Go to VM settings -> Options -> Shared Folders, and disable the feature

What feature in VMware allows for drag and drop or copy and paste between the host and VM?

Guest Isolation

What is the recommended network setting for a VM to use according to the text?

NAT (Network Address Translation) or a separate virtual network

What is one of the important uses of live boot media in OSINT?

Ensuring anonymity and leaving no trace on the computer

Which live boot environment comes pre-loaded with a variety of OSINT tools?

Kali Linux

What does using a live boot environment allow for during an investigation?

Conducting the investigation in an isolated space

Which live boot media is specifically mentioned for ensuring activities are anonymous?

Tails (The Amnesic Incognito Live System)

What type of tools can be immediately accessed by booting from certain live boot environments?

OSINT tools like network sniffers and web scrapers

Take the Virtual Machines (VMs) quiz to test your knowledge on the benefits of using VMs for OSINT investigations. Learn about the isolation and security advantages of VMs for conducting investigations in a safe and controlled environment.

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