Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - Battle Scenes
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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - Battle Scenes

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What happened when Barbossa used the nine pieces of eight?

He released Calypso from her human form

What was the trade made between the two sides during the parley?

Jack Sparrow for Will Turner

What did Bootstrap Bill do to save Will?

He carved out Will's heart

What happened to Cutler Beckett?

<p>He was killed when the Endeavour was destroyed</p> Signup and view all the answers

What did Jack Sparrow do to Davy Jones to prevent him from killing Will?

<p>He stabbed Jones' heart</p> Signup and view all the answers

Study Notes

  • The battle between the Brethren Court and the East India Trading Company became the deciding battle in Lord Cutler Beckett's War Against Piracy.

  • The decision to go to war was made by Elizabeth Swann during the fourth meeting of the Brethren Court, during which she was voted as Pirate King.

  • Under her authority, the combined fleets of the Pirate Lords sailed out to assemble off Shipwreck Island, and await the arrival of Beckett's armada.

  • Beckett's armada arrived in full force; almost three hundred vessels, easily outnumbering the fleet of the Brethren.

  • The fleet, led by the Flying Dutchman and with Beckett himself present aboard his flagship, the HMS Endeavour, was an imposing sight.

  • This motivated Jack Sparrow to call for parley.

  • Parley[]

  • The meeting between the leaders of the fleets was held on a sandbar between both armadas.

  • Elizabeth Swann, Jack Sparrow and Hector Barbossa confronted Cutler Beckett, Davy Jones and Will Turner, with both Swann and Beckett vowing to show no mercy to the opposing side.

  • During the brief meeting, a trade was made: Sparrow for Turner, to appease Davy Jones.

  • With the battle lines drawn, the crews returned to their respective flagships.

  • After arriving on the Endeavour, Beckett ordered his men to ready the fleet for the battle.

  • While Beckett believed otherwise, the pirates had one additional strategy to employ before going to battle.

  • Upon arriving on the Black Pearl, Barbossa forcibly took the very last of the nine pieces of eight from Elizabeth's possession.

  • Barbossa had collected all nine pieces of eight and prepared to use them as part of a ritual to release the sea goddess Calypso from her human form, as Tia Dalma.

  • Although Elizabeth and Will were reluctant to employ such a risky gambit, Barbossa ignored them, with both himself and Ragetti speaking the words to release Calypso.

  • The incantation was a success, and the goddess grew in size.

  • Barbossa then implored Calypso to spare himself, the Pearl and his crew, and to focus her rage on those who had betrayed her—with Will supplying the name of her betrayer, Davy Jones.

  • The goddess then exploded into millions of crabs, showering the Pearl's crewmen before disappearing into the sea.

  • The crew recovered from this unexpected event, and prepared for war, though Barbossa believed the cause was now lost.

  • Elizabeth Swann though gave a rousing speech to the men, reminding them that the Brethren would be looking to the Black Pearl to lead the attack.

  • The colors of all pirate vessels

  • The battle between the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman raged on with both ships exchanging broadsides.

  • Captain Jack Sparrow was killed by Davy Jones after his guards were caught by cannon fire.

  • Jones left the helm to reclaim his heart and engaged Jack Sparrow in a fierce duel.

  • During the fight, Jack lopped off Jones' tentacle holding the key to the chest, and subsequently shot the chest itself from Jones' grasp.

  • Jones had also succeeded in snapping Sparrow's sword in half.

  • Meanwhile, both the Flying Dutchman and the Black Pearl were locked in battle in the abyss.

  • Onboard the Black Pearl, Will and Elizabeth fought side-by-side, later realizing they might not survive the battle.

  • With this in mind, they asked Barbossa, as captain of the ship, to marry them.

  • Although he was busy fighting the enemy, he decided to wed them.

  • Between dueling East India Trading Company marines and Dutchman crew members, the two pirates were wed, and shared a kiss as the maelstrom worsened.

  • After that, the crew of the Pearl resumed fighting without interruptions.

  • Will then swung over to the Dutchman, intent on freeing his father, Bootstrap Bill Turner.

  • However, Jones confronted him, engaging Sparrow in a fierce duel.

  • During the fight, Jack lopped off Jones' tentacle holding the key to the chest, and subsequently shot the chest itself from Jones' grasp.

  • Jones had also succeeded in snapping Sparrow's sword in half.

  • At that moment, Jack intervened, holding Jones' heart in his hand, his broken sword poised over it.

  • In response, Jones plunged his sword into Will's chest, plunging Jack into a moral quandary, but worse, mortally wounding his friend.

  • As Elizabeth tried to help Will, Bootstrap Bill suddenly recognized Will, and launched a frenzied attack on Davy Jones.

  • He was pinned down for his own death, though before Jones could act further, he was wracked by a terrible agony.

  • Jones turned to find Will, with Jack's help, had stabbed his heart before passing away.

  • Uttering Calypso's name in a final lament, Jones toppled over the side of the ship and into the maelstrom, finally merged with the sea that he had been in love with.

  • With the death of their captain, the crew of the Flying Dutchman appeared on deck as Jack grabbed Elizabeth and took her away from Will.

  • To save his son, Bootstrap Bill used his knife to carve out Will's heart to replace Jones' in the Dead Man's Chest.

  • Jack Sparrow fled with Elizabeth on a makeshift parasail, followed swiftly by Jack the Monkey.

  • As they were able to fly away, they watched as the Dutchman sank into the subs

  • Cutler Beckett was the captain of the Endeavour and was in charge of the ship's crew when it was attacked by the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman.

  • The pirates fired a full broadside at the Endeavour, and Beckett was unable to give an order to his crew.

  • Beckett was eventually killed when the ship was destroyed by a double broadside.

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