Using the Internet to its Full Potential in Geomatics (Surveying) Department

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What is the global connectivity and reach of the Internet?

The Internet has a worldwide network with billions of connected computers and electronic devices.

How does the Internet facilitate access to information and communication?

The Internet allows access to almost any information and enables communication with anyone around the world.

What does it mean when a computer is described as 'online'?

Being 'online' means that the computer is connected to the Internet.

What is the significance of the Internet for education and professional development?

The Internet is important for education and professional development due to its vast resources and learning opportunities.

What are some tools and services available on the Internet?

Various tools and services are accessible on the Internet for different purposes such as research, communication, and entertainment.

What are some challenges associated with the Internet?

Challenges related to the Internet include issues like cybersecurity, privacy concerns, and misinformation.

What is the significance of the Internet in modern society?

Influencing communication, work, learning, entertainment, civic life, and various fields such as information access, communication, business, education, entertainment, research, social interaction, healthcare, government, and governance.

When were the first computers connected via the ARPANET network?


What was the year when the general public was allowed to access the internet?


What percentage of the global population has internet penetration reached in only 13 countries?


What percentage of people aged 15-24 use the Internet?


What percentage of website traffic comes from mobile devices?

Over 55%

What are some benefits of using the Internet related to communication and collaboration?

Instant messaging, emails, video calls, social media platforms, online communities (forums and groups for specific interests)

What is e-commerce?

The exchange of goods and services and the transmission of funds and data over the internet.

What are some main applications of e-commerce?

Online shopping, business transactions, digital payment methods

What are some examples of cybersecurity threats mentioned in the text?

Malware, phishing, and other online threats

Explore the various aspects of utilizing the internet to its full potential in the field of Geomatics (Surveying) through this comprehensive IT course for 1st year students. The course covers the importance of the internet in the current digital age, global connectivity, e-commerce, internet safety, and its educational applications.

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