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What is the main difference between a houseboat and a traditional house?

Houseboats are cheaper than traditional houses

What is the unique feature of the see-through house in Tokyo, Japan?

It provides no privacy due to glass walls

What is a notable characteristic of homes made from shipping containers?

They can be joined together to form larger homes

How does living in a houseboat allow people to experience nature?

Houseboats are closer to natural surroundings and cheaper than traditional houses

What inspired the design of the see-through house in Tokyo, Japan?

The idea of early man living in trees

Amsterdam in Holland is famous for its ______ - there are about 2,500 of them


In Tokyo, Japan, there is a see-through ______


One house in Chile was built from 12 ______


Some houseboats can be moved to other parts of the ______, while others are permanently in one place


All around the world, people live in homes made from shipping ______


Test your knowledge about unique living spaces such as houseboats and other atypical housing options around the world. Learn about unconventional living arrangements and the amenities they offer.

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