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What is being shown in this image?


What is being shown?


What is being shown?


Measure the endometrium


Measure the endometrium


What is being shown?


What is the purpose of measuring the diameter and blood flow when seeing an abnormality in the thyroid scan?

To check for signs of cancer

How does Hashimoto's disease typically appear on a thyroid ultrasound scan?

Looks like giraffe skin

Which condition is characterized by lighting up with color flow on a thyroid ultrasound scan?

Graves' disease

How does the echogenicity of the kidneys typically compare to the liver and spleen on an ultrasound scan?

Hypoechoic (darker)

What is the normal length range for a kidney when measured in an ultrasound scan?

9-12 cm

How should you evaluate the fundus of the uterus using ultrasound?

On a sagittal view

What do the seminal vesicles look like under ultrasound?


How can an enlarged prostate affect neighboring structures on an ultrasound scan?

Push into the bladder

When evaluating the testicles using ultrasound, what views should be utilized?

Transverse and sagittal views

When measuring the endometrium, you should ask about timing in pt’s menstrual cycle and if they are postmenopausal.


Match the risk level with its findings on ultrasound - THYROID NODULES!!!

low risk = hyperechoic or isochoic (only biopsy if 1.5 cm or greater) moderate risk = hypoechoic (biopsy at 1 cm) high risk = hypoechoic with microcalcifications, nodules that are taller than wide, or growths outside of thyroid gland (bx at 1 cm) a = a

Study Notes

Thyroid Gland

  • Scan in transverse and sagittal views to visualize both lobes
  • Compare sizes of both lobes in transverse view
  • Measure diameter of any abnormality and assess blood flow
  • Hashimotos disease appears as "giraffe skin" with heterogeneous levels and increased blood flow
  • Graves disease appears with increased blood flow


  • Scan in sagittal and transverse views
  • Normal kidney length is 9-12cm
  • Kidneys are hypoechoic (darker) compared to liver and spleen


  • Scan in sagittal view with sweeping motion
  • Identify iliac vessels and turn on color flow
  • Measure ovary in transverse view with angle (L/R)
  • Sweep through ovary and measure in transverse view


  • Measure endometrium and ask about patient's menstrual cycle timing
  • Evaluate for fundus, endometrium, body, lower uterine segment, cervix, and vagina in sagittal view
  • Evaluate for R ovary, body of uterus, and L ovary in transverse view

Prostate Gland

  • Scan in sagittal and transverse views
  • Identify seminal vesicles below bladder, resembling bowties
  • Enlarged prostate gland will push into bladder


  • Scan in transverse and sagittal views
  • Use towels to support the scrotum and penis during the scan
  • Scan each testicle individually

Thanks to Micah!!!!

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