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Match the following elements with their chemical symbols:

Oxygen = O Carbon = C Hydrogen = H Sodium = Na

Match the following countries with their capitals:

France = Paris Japan = Tokyo Brazil = Brasília Australia = Canberra

Match the following animals with their habitats:

Polar bear = Arctic Kangaroo = Australia Elephant = Africa Panda = China

Match the following chemical elements with their symbols:

Hydrogen = H Oxygen = O Carbon = C Sodium = Na

Match the following mathematical operations with their symbols:

Addition = + Subtraction = - Multiplication = * Division = /

Match the following cooking measurements with their units:

Cup = C Teaspoon = tsp Tablespoon = Tbsp Ounce = oz

Study Notes

Matching Elements

  • Match chemical elements with their chemical symbols
  • Match countries with their capitals
  • Match animals with their habitats
  • Match chemical elements with their symbols
  • Match mathematical operations with their symbols
  • Match cooking measurements with their units

Test your knowledge by matching different chemical elements with their corresponding symbols in this quiz. See how many matches you can make correctly!

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