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What is the primary goal of the university's mission?

To develop virtuous human capital and sustainable innovations

What type of economy does the university aim to thrive in?

Knowledge-driven global economy

What kind of capital does the university aim to develop?

Virtuous human capital

What is a key quality that MMSU graduates must possess?

High degree of ethics, professionalism, discipline, and accountability

Which quality reflects the commitment to continuous improvement and excellence?

Commitment to lifelong learning and personal development

What is a key aspect of the spiritual values MMSU graduates should display?

Respect for and service to God, humanity, and country

What is an important skill that MMSU graduates should possess to respond to community needs?

Analyze problems and issues critically, and develop innovative solutions

What is a key aspect of social responsibility that MMSU graduates should practice?

Engage in activities that promote growth and empowerment for all sectors of society

Test your knowledge of university mission statements with this quiz. Explore the core values and goals of academic institutions.

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