Unit 3: Operating Online - Implications of Digital Technologies

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What is the primary focus of Unit 3: Operating Online?

The importance of managing online risks

How might unauthorized users gain access to networks according to the text?

By inputting multiple login details quickly

What percentage of people in 2012 stored financial data on their PC according to the survey mentioned in the text?


Why is it important to appreciate that not everyone has access to the digital world?

Because those who do have access must manage usage risks

In what way can unauthorized users attempt to gain network access directly?

Physically connecting to the network

What is one of the risks associated with operating online?

Unimaginable amount of data communicated online

What is the main purpose of botnets?

To spread malware and cause harm

What type of action can malware perform to harm a system?

Delete files or reprogram systems

What is the main strategy of ransomware?

Threaten to delete user's files unless money is paid

What is unauthorised access to networks commonly known as?

Unauthorized network intrusion

How do malware messages often manipulate users into paying quickly?

By creating a sense of urgency and fear

What was the significant impact of the Stuxnet malware mentioned in the text?

Causing damage to nuclear facilities in Iran

Test your knowledge on the implications of digital technologies and online information in Unit 3: Operating Online. Assess your understanding of ICT, applying knowledge to produce solutions, and analyzing the impact of digital devices on individuals and organizations.

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